Data: 23 Ottobre 2005, 30 Ottobre 2005 | Sede: , Wuhan
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Although just a few Italian dams have been found affected by the alkali-aggregate reaction phenomenon (AAR), quite a number of dams underwent rehabilitation works because of the structural effects due to AAR.

As a consequence of the worldwide recognised importance of AAR effects on the structural behaviour and safety of large dams, the last decade has seen a great effort of both experimental and modelling research activity, as testified for example in [1].

With reference to a large arch dam case, the AAR subject was already considered in a previous ICOLD Benchmark-Workshop [2], in which one of the themes was related to the interpretation of drift displacement measurements.

For the 8th ICOLD Benchmark-Workshop, Theme A – Concrete Dams is devoted to evaluate the AAR effects on the structural behaviour of a large hollow gravity dam, with special reference to the ultimate strength against the hydrostatic load.

The participants have to describe the capabilities of the computer codes used for the analyses and the main aspects of the adopted methodologies/approaches: the results requested by the formulator have to be presented according to a scheme suggested in order to allow an effective comparison.



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