Data: 22 Giugno 2007, 24 Giugno 2007 | Sede: , Sankt Peterburg
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The purpose of the Workshop was to provide a critical examination of the computational methods and software used for dam analysis. For this purpose some specific problems in concrete and embankment dams were formulated and the participants were invited to provide solution of the problems that will be comparatively evaluated during the Workshop. In this way, the most appropriate computational approach for each specific problem can be recommended.

Consistent with previous Workshops, there were three themes, two of them focused on a dam type, as follows: concrete dams (Theme A) and embankment dams (Theme B), the third theme C was dedicated to the methods of numerical modeling of dams. The problems, formulated by different organizations, had been examined and approved by ICOLD Technical Committee. The problems provided for each of the three themes mentioned above were the following: analysis of the elastic behaviour of an arch-gravity dam after the first impounding (formulator: Dr Ignacio Escuder Bueno, co-formulator: Francisco Blazquez, Spain), stress-strain state of high rock-fill dam with a central ground core at large amplitude of operation water level changes (formulator: Dr. Stanislav Panov, Russia) and the Open Theme – Advanced Numerical Modelling for Dams (formulator, Alain Carrère, France).

The Workshop was dedicated to the analysis of results in solving the technical themes A and B, discussions on the theme C focused on the methods of numerical modeling of dams.

The presentation of the results by the contributors for each technical theme was preceded by the presentation of the theme by formulator. Finally, each formulator presented a comparison of the results and conclusions.

More than 40 specialists from 12 countries took part in the Workshop; they are Austria, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and United States of America. The participants made 16 oral presentations and reports on three main themes which had been proposed by the organizers for consideration.

This volume contains the formulation of problems, synthesis reports concerning the solutions of the problems and the papers submitted by participants. Some papers reported on the Workshop only as oral presentations are included in the volume too.

Information about the one-day tour to Volhovskaya HPP (one of the oldest HPP in Russia) with visiting the historical and cultural place Staraya (Old) Ladoga organized on 24 of June is also included.

The organizers hope that the papers published in this volume will be useful for scientific researchers who deal with problems of numerical analysis of dams.



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