Anno Costituzione: 2015
Chairman: P. Zielinski |
Membri del Gruppo: F. Fornari - Member | Lista Paesi Membri
  1. Keep in contact with the Chairs of other ICOLD Committees in order to insure coherent works and publications concerning dam safety.
  2. Liaise with international agencies and Committees of ICOLD member countries, according to the needs.
  3. Coordinate transfer of dam failure database to the ICOLD website and continue collecting information on dam failures.
  4. Carry out the review of current practice of risk assessment and management for dams and document the findings in a new ICOLD Bulletin.
  5. Update of Bulletin 130 – Risk Assessment in Dam Safety Management.
  6. Prepare guidance on assessment of consequences resulting from dam failures.
  7. Prepare guidance on dam safety regulatory frameworks involving both national and multinational cases (trans-boundary basins).
  8. Develop generic dam safety guidelines (document that can provide basic information for countries in urgent need of addressing dam safety).
  9. Global comparative study of the legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks for dam safety management

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